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Odd Couples

Is your partner completely finicky over trivial issues? Each one of us have at least one eccentricity, the question is whether it is tolerable or is taking a toll on your relationship.

Every one of us are unique and different people. With some qualities, temperaments and habits we get into relationships and start building a life with another person. As the beginning of any love story, the starting is rosy and everything seems perfect. But with time the everyday habits that we previously found to be Ďcuteí starts bugging us. And the biggest question that lies in front of us then is, can we deal with our partnerís eccentricity. How to accept or ignore these behavioral traits that is completely non-understandable to us? Letís take a closer look at these odd situations and find out the best way to deal with them.

Is the Habit Endearing or Hopelessly Annoying?

All of us assume that we are normal. Yet there are some habits that doesnít have any logical justification to them. It is just the way we want things to be. Like mostly all women have some or the other eccentricity about their household. Some always want the bathroom towels to be kept in the right place no matter what. Others are complete cleanliness freaks. And some just canít accept the fact that munching chips will make a bit of noise. Does it somewhat sounds similar. Well it is bound to, as these habits are a part of our lives one way or the other.

If your partner has any eccentricity that is driving you completely crazy then the best solution is to discuss it openly. If your partner feels that a small crease on the sheets makes it unfit to sleep into, then discuss it openly. It is quite natural to overlook these quirks if you live alone, but as soon as it starts coming in the way of your relationship things get serious.

Living it Up!

So your husband has an extra sharp observation for cleanliness around the house. There are two ways to deal with it. The first way is to point it out every waking hour of the day, making it absolutely clear that you are against this. The other way is to deal with it in a smart way. How about striking a balance. Work out a compromise and say that you can only go along this eccentricity to a certain limit and stand your ground. Your partner will soon understand your situation and try to adjust accordingly.

Draw a Line

Sometimes speaking up is just not enough. If you feel squeezing the toothpaste tube from the center is not something to get all crazy and worked up about say that in every way possible. How about writing it clearly. And if your partner is quirky about something that you can adopt in your system as well and to a certain level it is justified then go for it. After all if you squeeze the tube from the end the results are definitely going to be better.

Get Real

Relationships are delicate and couples require to work their way through it. Donít let petty matters make your world fall apart. If one of you is highly obsessed in having things in a certain manner and the other person is continuously nagging you on it, then sooner or later a rift will be created. So those who have quirks should give it some deep thought and try to minimize it or get rid of it completely. And if the other partner can learn to overlook things then all the better. Getting flexible is a two way process. Work on it and develop a healthy relationship.

Come Clean- Be Confident!

Sometimes just out of nervousness we tell a lie and then the story goes on and on. Be confident about yourself and boost up your self-esteem. Everybody around you will respect you much more if you are honest.

So whatís your call, white lies or honestyÖ!!!

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