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Is He Ready?

You love him, admire him and want to spend the rest of your life with him. But is he ready for the same?

The equation of men and marriage is something that is quite difficult to understand. Most of us agree to the fact that men are scared of the word ‘commitment’. But then how many of us ask the next question, why so?

One of the most straightforward and logical to this question is, men and women operate differently. Women grow up and mature faster than men. Their biological clock urges them for the wedlock faster than it happens for a man. So how do you know your man is ready for the final ‘I do’?

Here are some simple yet foolproof ways to know that finally your man is going to pop that long awaited question.

Party Days Are No More His Choice

The singles party nights no matter appeal to him. He will feel more and more out of place with the bachelors he has hang out with for his entire life. Bars and pubs no more looks the most happening place to spend your Saturday evenings. Instead he will try to incorporate you in the plans and go for a dinner, movie or something that you both can do together.

He’s Financially Stable

One of the most common urges of any man is to have financial stability and provide for the family. Though the women equally pitch in nowadays, still men like to be seen as the main breadwinner of the family. If your man is struggling to make ends meet or is on the verge of changing jobs then marriage is the last thing on his mind.

Daddy Instincts Are On A High

You know your man is ready for wedlock when he longingly looks at babies and small children when no one is looking. Suddenly these kids are not the most annoying and irritating brads on the earth. You can even drop in a hint saying that he will surely have the most beautiful children and see his reaction. Age also plays an important part in marriage and this is true for both sexes. Believe it or not men also feel their biological clock ticking away.

Husband In The Heart

Both of you have been in the love relationship for so long that now he behaves more as a husband than a boyfriend. He takes initiative to plan both of your future together. He even goes ahead and introduces you to his friends and family and makes a point to call you everyday. He doesn’t try to hide things from you and even carries your photo in his wallet. In his heart of heart he is half way there, it is just a matter of time before he pops the question.

All the Best!

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