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Sensual Love

Sensual, sexy and passionate….these hidden feelings boil inside each one of us. But most of us are either too shy to acknowledge these feelings or too busy to even recognize them. Sensual love is as real and important as romantic love. Have any of us heard of love without passion. Steamy nights and intimate moments is what makes couples bond to each other so closely. Let’s get real friends, if there is dissatisfaction in the bedroom then there is bound to be dissatisfaction in the hearts.

In this section of sensual love we talk about those desires that drive us crazy and makes us hot for our partner. Sex in a relationship is not a chore to complete at the shortest period of time. It is something to look forward to, regardless of the circumstances. Some moments of intimacy should be easy to steal for the one you love so deeply. So let’s get started. Here we have some sexy and hot ideas to keep your love life sizzling. Unfold these secrets to passionate love and feel the energy and intimacy of the first days of togetherness.

Seduce and Close Up

Suspense can make any one restless. Creating an air of suspense can be a very powerful sensual weapon. Write love letters with hints so that it leaves your partner guessing and smiling at the same time. Knowing something and yet not understanding exactly what is going to happen is highly arousing. Even passionate emails that pop up when your partner is at work can stimulate hidden desires. If you want to drop a larger hint then pictures or naughty stories are also great. SMS has also become an excellent way to express your thoughts nowadays. So write hot sms messages and wait for a steamy evening ahead.

Getting Personal in Public

We have always been told, that physical intimacy is not for public places. Well it is right, but a bit of harmless teasing is not going to offend anyone. After all both of you are going to try so hard to be normal. A quick squeeze of the buttock or hands caressing the back while you try to keep a straight face and smile at your guests. And if sitting for dinner then a bit of leg teasing is known by all. The key is look innocent and burn your partner hot with desire.

Surprise Welcome

After a tiring day at work each one of us want to return home to a hot meal and a smiling face. But then there are days when this is also not enough. So team up seduction and surprise and become an aphrodisiac yourself. Welcome your partner in a sexy way. There are different ideas to of course help you out. Well you can surprise your partner by welcoming him/her with a completely naked you waiting. Or a warm bubble bath with flickering candles is also very romantic indeed. Of course you have to participate in the bath as well. If you want to go extreme then a glass of wine with some role-playing can do the trick as well. And a hint…chocolate sauce tastes awesome when licked up from your partner’s body.

Be Different and Bold

Most of us dress the same way everyday, think the same way and when it comes to romance, chocolates and roses is the best we can come up with. But hot love is going a bit further. Surprise your husband by wearing some of the sleekest lingerie and then letting him know, his wish is your command. Shower time can also be real sexy. Give a massage to your partner, especially in places where only you have access and see him/her turn on right before your eyes. Even some sexy gifts are great to say what’s on your mind.

Friends, sensuality is not about sex. It is about rediscovering each other all over again. So drop those ifs and buts and get up close and personal….

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