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Marriage Tips

Marriage is sometimes tough, sometimes sweet and sometimes totally confusing. How to ride this boat and not topple over is the biggest question today. All of us want to live happily married life, but the journey is not that easy or simple. Marriage tips is a section where you will suggestions, ideas and tips to help make your married life smooth on a daily basis. Whether your spouse complains that there is no understanding anymore, or both of you are living individual lives without doing anything together, there is a solution. Marriage tips takes a close look at our daily lives, finds those small pieces that get missed out easily and then try to pull our attention towards it. So read through these marriage tips and pull the strings of your married life together once more.

Marriage Tip #1

Got bored of doing the same thing everyday? So how about interchanging the chores just for a day. Who knows you may find that your partner can handle the task much better and if not it is surely going to make both of you smile.

Marriage Tip #2

Marriage is a transition. Of course your parents are still important but you canít side line your spouse for that. So strike a balance and pay attention to the newest member of your world or the sparks are bound to fly.

Marriage Tip #3

Enjoy your marriage; there is no simpler way to put it. Look into your partner with fresh eyes and remember why you promised to love each other forever.

Marriage Tip #4

After marriage, couples all of a sudden realize that they are very different. But being different is not bad. In fact find out the traits that are different for both of you, yet in one or the other way complement each other.

Marriage Tip #5

Never try to pretend in a marriage. When it comes to your spouse throw the baggage of pretension aside and be who you really are.

Marriage Tip #6

How often have you appreciated your spouse? Let your partner know one special quality that really makes you look up to him or her.

Marriage Tip #7

Talk about your work life as both of you come back. Share some interesting thing that happened. It will definitely bring both of you closer.

Marriage Tip #8

Make time for some intimate moments with each other. Donít let your careers, kid or family steal away those precious moments that are so much required to strengthen a marriage.

Marriage Tip #9

Let small mistakes in a marriage remain small. Donít bring in the past and then do the final calculations. So if your partner has forgotten to take out the trash, or bring in the grocery let it be. Donít stretch the topic unnecessarily.

Marriage Tip #10

With a working wife, there are always fights about the division of household chores. So this issue should be tackled at the earliest and both should share the household responsibilities. Respect each other, and donít expect your wife to give up her life simply because she got married.

Marriage Tip #11

Listening is one of the strongest healing points in any marriage. So one strong marriage tip is to listen when your partner talks. If you interrupt then you canít expect your partner to listen attentively to you while you speak. Every chat doesnít have to be about solutions. Simply be there for your partner.

Most married couples take their partner for granted and donít pay attention to their needs and happiness. So how about reliving your married life. Go on a nice vacation on every anniversary and make it like your honeymoon days. Feel and act totally in love, and soon you will start feeling that same excitement and fun around you.

Marriage Tip #13

Talk to some divorcees to understand the practical problems that every marriage faces and then think of a solution to work things out.

Marriage Tip #14

A dull marriage is no fun. Instead of looking for that excitement outside marriage, try to spice up your married life. Hang out as friends and simply take things lightly. Though there may be underlying issues they at least can take a back seat once in a while.

Marriage Tip #15

In sickness and in healthÖbut how does your spouse want to be treated when sick? Does he want to be left alone or be cuddled and taken care of as a baby? Do what your partner wants rather than assuming things for him.

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