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Love Paradise

What is the feeling of love? Is it the dreamy feeling of floating in air, or all sweaty and nervous? Each one of us will define love differently. But yet all of us agree on one thing. Love makes us smile. When was the last time, you looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled? If not lately, then why not today! Give it a try!

Love paradise is all about making you smile. Whether it is romantic love, dating tips or warm and sensual French kiss, it will surely give you a feeling of elation and delight. So letís enter this world of happiness, warmth and togetherness and spend moments of rejoicing in this paradise.

Letís take a look what we have in this happy paradise of ours and incorporate it into our everyday life. After all love is not only for special days like Valentine, but a feeling that surrounds us all the time. Make each moment memorable, every day romantic as here you will find different ideas and tips to live every moment to the fullest.


The bond of friendship is stronger than any other relationship. When two people share their thoughts and understand each other as companions then true friends are born. Friendship is very dear to us. Come closer as companions and friends and find it all you wanted to know about friendship.

Online Dating

The feathers of romance are expressed through a range of ideas and tips brought together in the online dating section. This section offers different articles, ideas and advice on the dating world. Whether it is the first date, blind date, or Internet dating you will find it all here.

Kissing Tips

Seal it with a kiss! When emotions overflow the heart then kissing is the best way to express oneself. Kissing is an art and therefore we bring together different kissing tips to help you master the art of kissing. So enter this world of hugs and kisses and explore the world of romance and sensuality.


Got a twinkle in the eye? Flirting is all about being a bit mischievous, a little naughty, a bit of a Casanova and lots of fun and romance. So here are different flirting tips and ideas so that you can make the right moves at the right time.

Sweet Dreams

Close your eyes and think of the person you love the mostÖ! Welcome to the world of sweet dreams and fantasies. Get to know about the different dream interpretations and what do they mean.

Romantic E-books

Romantic novels and e-books are a favorite of all. Cuddle up with your sweetheart and enjoy some free romantic e-books and love novels. Whether you want to know about the latest book review or special selection of book, you will find it right here.


What is the best way to spend some private and romantic time with your spouse? Well how about a romantic movie or flick? Flicks are a source of readymade romance. So select from the range of flicks and movies available and make your evening memorable and special.

Chocolate World

Tempting, alluring and sensual, chocolates are a haven in itself. Savor the rich dark taste of chocolates as we bring all the information you ever wanted on chocolates in the chocolate world.

Scented Candles

The soft glows of scented candles makes the ambience filled with romantic love. Make each moment romantic as you are filled with dim lighting, soft glow and scented world of candles.

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