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Sweetheart! the soft and tender voice of love and soulmates. When a person who is closest to you, dearest to you and truly loved then the soul says sweetheart. One of the most powerful expressions of love is the way we call our beloved. It is a call from the heart and is sure to touch the strings of our dearest.

Sharing the different hues of love is this page on sweetheart. Whether you say goodnight sweetheart, or present a beautiful rose to your sweetheart the affections of the heart are said aloud.

Each one of us sometime in our lives have fallen in love and have tried to voice the silent feelings one way or the other. So letís take a quick trip down the memory lane and see the different stages of love and romance experienced by each one of us. Also get to know all about the shades and usage of sweetheart as a word in our everyday life.

American Sweetheart

American sweetheart is popular for depression glasses. These are one of the most popular depression glass patterns. This glass is given the name sweetheart because of its soft pink color. It can also be called the glass of love. On this Valentine, gift this American sweetheart glass to your beloved and show your true feelings.

High School Sweetheart

Well we all know about high school sweetheart. The first time you feel in love, the first prom dance, your first valentineÖyes! High school sweetheart id your first crush, your first true love. The sweetness of the young love can only be expressed through a word like sweetheart!

Sweetheart Poems

Remember the beautiful love poems you wrote to your sweetheart? well thatís what is known as sweetheart poems. There are many different romantic poems that are perfect way to express your love to your beloved. So the next time you write a beautiful poem to your sweetheart, why not scribble the words sweetheart poems on the top.

Sweetheart Day

Well, Valentineís Day is not the only day of the celebration of love. Love and romance is in full bloom on sweetheart day as well. Sweetheart day is celebrated on 23rd August. So this time donít miss out on this opportunity to present something special to your partner.

Teen Sweetheart

Teen love is one of the most romantic times in ones life. Whether it is casual dating, or the first crush your teen sweetheart will always remain close to your heart, no matter what happens. So express your love openly and say I love you once more.

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