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Love Poems

Love poems are magical, casting a circle of varied emotions touching the core of our hearts. Emily Watson had once said it appropriately that the heart speaks the language of love thatís expressed by poems. Love poems touch us, heal us, move us, delight us and above all express us. Poetry can make us fall in love and change all with their simple words. A love poem doesnít have to be long, short, good, bad or ugly to work. It should just be honest. A romantic love poem is a language in itself where a poet describes his lover or love as heavenly. To the lover it is just that one person who encompasses the whole universe. A famous love saying has put it aptly, ďto the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.Ē

Love can make a common person turn into Romeo and pen down the most romantic love poems possible. Even in todayís high tech world love poems have their significance felt. Yes we no longer write love poetry yet sending them as beautiful emails as special love e-cards is definitely there. The everlasting essence of love canít be washed away by gizmos. So here we are with some fantastic love poems to express the feelings of your heart and soul. Love poetry is about relationships with the expressions of love and life, the joy and the hurt, the romance and the passion that each lover passes through. This section of love poetry has tried to capture the different shades of emotions in all our lives. Love is a part of all of us. No matter whatís our age, it has touched us. Poetry is one of the most profound ways to show your innermost feelings. Right from Shakespeare to Wordsworth the romance of love poems is ageless and evergreen.

Save yourself from the awkward blushes and the perspiration of disappointments of being a hopeless poet. All you really need to do is to select from the different categories of love poems given here and say whatís in your heart. So if you have been feeling shy or at a loss of words to express your emotions, now turn into a lion and say those magical words. And hey guys if you are in a long distance relationship then as you book those online roses select a love poem as well to send it via email. Posting is outdated just like pigeons. Let it be fast, instant and foolproof. Just imagine you shared a romantic evening yesterday and selected a perfect love poem to say whatís in your heart and it reaches your beloved after 5 days. Where is the fun? Donít let any emotion go unnoticed and take up the moment to say it rightly with a short love poem.

And for those achy breaky heart aches there are sad love poems as well to let your sweetheart know your pain. The miss you love poems given here are the perfect way to say that someone is on your mind every minute of everyday. Get romantic, get nostalgic and let love run through your veins. Then there are those hot steamy moments that make the nights passionate and days filled with romance. Send the sexy love poems that express the desire thatís boiling inside you. Most of us just donít know what to say when it comes to passion. But these free love poems of passion will bring a smile of warmth on your darlingís lips.

So come and share with us these profound feelings of the heart with a collection of best love poems. Just copy and paste the love poems to your mail and click the send button. Or you can also beautifully write these love poems with a card and present them with some romantic love gift. Love poems is filled with passion, romance, love, promises and praises. So whatís your choice!!!

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