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Love Spells

Love Spells

Let the magic of love, circle you in its aura with flowers, roses and love symbols making you soulmates forever.

When heart longs for someone then only one feeling comes to mind and thatís to make the other person say ĎBe Mineí.

Welcome to our page on love spells, your very own world to romantic love potions. If your love life is going through troubles and tribulations then love spells may be one of simplest ways to make your world a better place. There are many different kinds of love spells from the simplest ones to ones that require elaborate rituals and charms. But how can these love spells be used?

Well, magical spells can be used in different circumstances like for regaining a partner, stopping a person from straying, adding some spark to your dull love life or just reach out to the man of your dreams. As far the working of magic spells is concerned, well they do work and can even backfire if proper measures are not taken. If you are trying to control a person through a love spell then sooner or later the charm would break and then there can be after effects. Using easy love spells for short duration of time is the best option.

Love spells can make one do all kinds of things. Seen one of those Harry Potter movies where spells can change about everything? Well not all of it can be defined as fiction. There are white magic spells, black magic love spells, witchcraft, candle magic, occult magic, charms, love potions and many more. In this section we will look into some easy love spells that are sure to work out for you.

Magical love spells are a type of energy that is directed through different symbols or props that help in giving you the result you are looking for. It is like magnet and iron. Both of these things are present; you simply bring them close to each other so that the attraction is created. So with the help of certain symbols and chants one can make things happen that would otherwise take a much longer time to happen. Most of the times a magical love spellís energy is limited to particular time and for a specific cause, so it doesnít really harm anyone.

Enjoy this season of love with us by selecting the love spells of your choice. These free love spells are absolutely harmless and yet powerful enough to reflect a change in your love life. So try some of these love spells and make your life a bit more romantic and special.

Love Charms

If you want a new lover then offer your prayers to St. Barbara along with lighting a red candle and ask her to make you desirable to your lover.

Do you always want to be on the mind of your lover? Then the next time you both part away, just strike a matchstick on the heel of your shoe and say "Be True."

If you want your marriage to be a smooth ride all the way and keep your partner faithful to you prepare cooked cabbage on every new moon night.

Believe in love symbols? Then carry a rose quartz along with you. This will draw your lover close to you.

If you are fond of jewelry then this will surely work for you. To strengthen the bonds of love wear copper jewelry.

Make sure your man is always faithful to you by soaking his photograph in rosemary leaves for three days and then spread oil on the photograph. Rosemary is the indication of female domination in a relationship.

Wearing copper jewelry, the favorite metal of Venus, will encourage loving sensations around you.

An easy love charm to find out how many months of troubled relationship is left, cook some kidney beans and place them in equal quantity on your plate and then on your plate. Now count the number of beans on each plate. The difference in the number of beans on each plate tells the months left to work things out.

To add lust in your love relationship, scratch his or her name on the side of a red candle and coat it lightly with some olive oil and then light it.

Easy Love Spells

Now letís look at some easy love spells to allure your lover to you. Remember to make any love spell work you require all the ingredients as well as the correct procedure. One thing missing and the whole spell can go wrong. But luckily these easy love spells are quite simple leaving hardly any room for error. So just read along these free love spells and bring the magic of love in your world.

Love Spell to Attract your Lover

This love spell is very simple and easy to carry out. The most important ingredient in this spell is faith.

To start with clean your bathroom, including the mirrors, counter, sink and then get the picture of your beloved. Now cover all the mirrors with red or white covers. Once all the glasses have been covered, take three white candles and light them around the bathtub.

Prepare your bath by adding scented salts and preparing yourself a warm nice romantic ambience. To get yourself completely in the love mood play some love songs as well. Concentrate on your sweetheart. If you donít have a lover then why not think about your dream person and then go on with this love spell. After all the preparations has been done pray in your mind that all evil thoughts leave you the lover you seek turns your way. Go on saying these words in your mind again and again till your bathing is complete.

Will I Marry Soon?

This is one again a very simple and effective love spell. All you have to do in this spell is to get hold of some bridal pins.

Ask a bride to be to give you two pins from the bridal dress. Now put one pin in your dress somewhere close to your heart and throw the other pin in the fire. Pray hard that you meet the love of your life soon. Remember to keep wearing the pin from one dress to another till the bride from whom you got the pins gets married.

To Draw a Lover Near

This love spell is made to simply draw your beloved or sweetheart closer to you. This spell is quite effective and is never known to fail.

For this love spell you will require a silver ring that has to be placed in a white cloth on a full moon night. After this is done dig a small hole in the ground and bury your silver ring there. While doing this, concentrate hard on the positive qualities and attributes in your partner and finally pour some wine or milk over it. Pray as you do to bring your true love closer to you. On the next full moon night, again dig up the ground and take out the ring. If your lover is around, he or she will be definitely drawn to you.

Love Forever

You are truly deeply and hopelessly in love with your lover and you donít want anything to go wrong. So here is this love spell promising to make things last forever and ever. For this spell you like require the following ingredients:

A pink candle

A clean carpenters nail

A wooden box

A roll of black ribbon

Take the carpenters nail and carve the name of your lover on the side of the candle. Wrap the candle in the black ribbon leaving the tip intact so that you can light the candle. Now put the candle in the wooden box and burn the candle by the window side on a full moon night. Keep the candle residue in the box wrap it in black ribbon. Place this box under your pillow and when you find the time right put them on your lover.

These love spells are never known to fail. So let the magic of these spells encircle you and take you to the wonderland of romance and eternal love. Best of luck!

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