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Possessive Love Relationship

Are you in a possessive love relationship? Is your partner clinging onto every moment of your life, or is it simply infatuation and he or she will soon settle down. Read on to understand the path of your relationship.

One of the most magical experiences in oneís life is falling in love. Those butterflies in the stomach and blushy nervousness all make the days of courtship romantic and special. Suddenly we feel completely glued to our partner and it seems that you canít live apart for even one minute. These emotional bonds of passion, affection, and attachment become the center of our being.

But as you start settling down in a relationship, one partner may suddenly note the behavior partner of the other a bit altered. Small-small matters turn into arguments and the demand on your time is more and more. Even before you completely realize it, you may find yourself caught in an unhealthy relationship. This possessive love can not only pull you down, but even take you on the path of a downhill relationship.

Many times it happens that this possessive love is seen just in the initial phases of a relationship and as the couple starts getting comfortable with each other, this possessiveness mellows down. But sometimes just the opposite happens. The emotional attachment becomes so high, that in place of security; insecurity develops creating problems in the love relationship.

Here are some warning signs indicating you are in a possessive love relationship.

Trying To Keep In Touch All The Time

When couples feel the newness of a love relationship they constantly try to keep in touch with each other. Whether it is calling each other or sending messages. But if your partner keeps on sending you messages every minute, knowing you are not there to receive it, then it is time to panic. You both met just a while ago, and instantly there is an e-mail waiting in your mailbox, then these are the first signs of an obsessive lover. If due to any reason you are not able to pick up his or her call and they loose their temper on it, then definitely the person is not in the right frame of mind. Also the nature of gifts suddenly change.

The gifts seem to get more personal and expensive. This lover is definitely trying to hold on to each and every aspect of your life. It is not surprising if you suddenly start feeling suffocated and tied down.

Crossing the Boundary Lines

Each relationship has some unsaid lines that should never be crossed over. If you tell your partner not to call up at late hours or come to your office, then it is expected that person respects it. And if these simple requests and rules are overlooked on purpose then you surely need to keep a lookout in your relationship.

Snooping Around

Possessive partners always try to find out as much possible about their lovers. If your sweetheart talking about your childhood with your family members then it is quite ok. But if the same person goes all the way of doing online searches or tries to dig out old friends, then it is time to press the warning button. This possessive love can definitely take a toll on your life.

Blowing Things out of Proportion

A possessive lover will manage to turn every small issue into a big fight. The most common reasons for such a fight is asking your partner not to talk to a certain person or friend, since he or she doesnít like him. Another common reason is going somewhere without telling your partner about it, maybe even to the grocer. If you feel your partner is simply jealous, then it is time to think again.

Breaking Up

One of the most painful things to do in a relationship is to break up. But believe it, breaking up is much better than suffering with a possessive lover. Even if you call things off, your lover may still continue to call you up and tell you how much he or she misses you. Sometimes these possessive lovers even go to the extent of tracking you down and following you everywhere. But if you stand your ground, sooner or later this is going to end and then once more you can be a free bird.

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