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Romantic E-books

Welcome to the world of e-books and share the romantic experience of fiction, relationships and intimacy. For each book lover, this section is a complete haven with the latest romantic book reviews and the best sellers in the romantic love books.

E-books are cheaper and easily accessible in the comforts of your home. So no more waiting for the paper back editions to arrive. Now you can have your favorite books right with the click of your mouse. Whether you are looking for free e-book downloads or a window to select from the top and best books on love and relationship, you have to the right place!

Here are the different love and romance books in both fiction and non-fiction category to make you collection of books both rich and exclusive. So enjoy this wonderful world of e-books and turn into a complete bookworm. Happy reading!

Latest Releases

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

J.K. Rowling

The seventh and the last book in the Harry Potter series gets ready for release.

Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling are one of the world famous best sellers and the seventh book is the last one in the series.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

By John Gray

One of the evergreen relationship books by the famous relationship counselor John Gray. Come to know what goes in the mind of the men and women and their different language interpretations. All couples can gain a lot from this e-book. Offering useful insight how small things in everyday life create major misunderstandings. Don’t let your relationship fall apart and read through this great relationship manual and start afresh.

Spouse: The Truth About Marriage

By Shobhaa De

Taking a look at the changing roles in the society is this book by Shobhaa De. As the name suggests, this book is all about making your marriage work till the very end. In one or the other phase of life every marriage faces rough corners and then things just become monotonous and dull. To keep the things spiced up and alive is what Spouse e-book talks about. This relationship ebook offers significant advice and guidelines to keep the flame of love alive in your marriage. A must read!

The Five Love Languages

By Gary D. Chapman

The languages of love differ from person to person. The romantic e-book The Five Love Languages reflects the different ways in which couples and partners communicate with each other. Understanding the language of love will surely lead to a more successful and comfortable relationship. This love and relationship e-book is very useful for couples who want to make their relationships work.

Date or Soulmate?

By Neil Clark Warren

Ever felt stuck up in the different situations of your romantic life? Well then this book is the right one coming to your rescue. When your partner is heads over heels in love with you and your heart is still undecided whether he is ‘the one’, then read along and see what is hidden in the depths of your heart truly.

How to Survive Dating

By Yadin Kaufmann

Share the ups and downs of the dating world with this great e-book. This dating book includes opinions and ideas by different people who have played the dating game. This book is fantastic as it is both funny, serious and emotional. To sum it, the book has all the ingredients to become of the bestsellers of all times.
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