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red rose pink rose yellow rose

Filled with fragrance, roses silently tell the tales of deep and true love. When words fail to speak the heart, roses smile the message through. Every flower whispers something in the ears of the lovers and makes them glow with the tender memories of their loved ones.

And roses the eternal messenger of love, speaks many thoughts. Known as the flower of love, rose came from the Latin word rosa meaning red. Speaking in a language of their own, roses make perfect gifts for nearly all occasions. From sad moments to romantic evenings, roses never fail to spread their magic around.

Every rose has a special meaning attributed to it. Whether it is a red rose, yellow or a pink rose bud it all means different things. So here we are to help you find the perfect rose for your lover. Let your rose say the emotions of your heart. Just read along and select the perfect rose for the most precious person on this earth.

Red Roses

Red roses are the most sort after roses for lovers around the world. Symbolizing romance, beauty, respect, courage, passionate love and unity, these red roses are the prized possession for centuries. When a lover gives a red rose to his her beloved it means that the love is stronger than all the thorns of the rose put together.

If you combine red roses with white ones then it signifies true love, unity and togetherness. This combination of bouquet is gifted when the person is going through a rough patch in their life and needs to re strengthen its relationship.

Pink Roses

Pink roses stand for elegance, gracefulness, refinement, gentility, style and poetic romance all put together. This rose is a flower of sweet memories and shy thank yous. Pink roses also symbolize gratitude, sympathy and appreciation.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses imply strong feelings of pure joy, gladness, happiness and friendship. This rose is mostly exchanged between friends symbolizing fun and togetherness. But today yellow rose has another meaning added to it. It implies apology or is given to express sympathy. A Yellow rose with red tip indicates friendship falling in love.

White Roses

White roses characterize unity, loyalty, admiration, humility, love, sincerity, purity, silence, innocence as well as youthfulness. Popularly known as the flower of light," the white rose also indicates spiritual love and expectation of happiness.

Purple Roses

Purple roses speak the language of true love. This beautiful flower also stands for enhancement, magnification, opulence, majesty and glory. These purple or lavender colored roses are exchanged between lovers indicating love at first sight. But these roses also mean to take things slowly and steadily.

Orange Roses

Orange roses stand for unity and togetherness along with enthusiasm, desire and fascination. A single orange rose will say, I am proud of you!"

Peach Roses

Peach roses are another flower, which indicates desire, anticipation, sincere appreciation and hopefulness for the future. So if you are going for a long term relationship, let a peach rose do the talking for you.

Themed Roses

If you give a rosebud to your lover, then it shows an innocent love full of youth and beauty. A single red rose indicates simplicity. A rose in full blossom means, I love you. It may also denote love at first sight. Two red roses entwined together reflect an engagement or a forthcoming marriage.

If you are missing someone give a bunch of six roses. But if you give seven roses then it means you have a crush on someone. Make a bouquet of fifty red roses and it means unconditional love.

So there you are with the meaning of all roses according to their color in front of you. So the next time you gift a rose or even receive a rose of a particular color, you know the hidden message behind it. So let the fragrance of these flowers fill your world with deep and everlasting love.

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