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True Love

True love is the endless stories of eternal loveÖ
Hearts pull towards each other as lovers bask in the pleasure of love, marking the beginning of another true love story.

True love is the most mysteriously of emotions changing ones life completely yet ever making it clear how it all began. Love starts with stolen glances, shy smiles and grows into a life long journey. There is nothing better or more beautiful than spending your lifetime with the person you truly love.

But true love is no miracle or magic. Like any other relationship you have to grow in love and let love grow with you. Sounds confusing but is very simple. After all itís an effortless notion that becomes an indispensable part of our lives.

As you fall in love, how do you know it is the love of your life or true love? It can be a crush or infatuation. One way is to give it time and see how things go along. The second way is to look out for some simple hints that will tell you if this person is your true love or not.

Here we are with some simple hints to help you decide whether this love relationship is long lasting and forever or is going to be a sweet memory.

Your love is true if:

  • It is always full of thrill and brings a smile on your face.

  • When you look in the loverís eyes you only see love for yourself.

  • Your lover compliments your needs so completely that it seems you were made for each other.

  • You never tire yourself from saying ďI love YouĒ.

  • Your lover is not only supportive but can sense your pain and always is helpful no matter what.

  • He/she knows all your secrets, your every thought and still respects and thinks highly of you.

  • You donít need a reason to celebrate your love.

  • That personís happiness comes before your own.

  • You are pampered like a child and cared for like an old person.

  • It always brings out the best in you and helps you reach to highest.

  • You can accept him/her with all the faults.

  • You are not ashamed to be with him.

  • He/she is around when you are completely ill and look horrible.

  • Enough is never enough.

So fall in love and let time decide the course. Begin the journey of true love with only one thought in the heart and thatís to love unconditionally no matter what.

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