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Valentine Decorations

Valentine decorations are the grandeur of the festival of love that casts its magic spell on each one of us as the month of February comes along. Adding the special romantic touches, valentine decorations make the mood for love and romance on Valentine’s Day. Whether at home, shopping malls, streets, restaurants or valentine parties, the Valentine’s Day decorations create the ambience of romance. It is one of the most romantic days of the year and it is defined in every small décor item to make the valentine more special and romantic. But when we talk about valentine decorations most of us are totally confused as how to start and what to place where. Adding to our confusion is the numerous varieties offered by the shops. It is more than obvious that placing anything anywhere is not defined as decoration. So let’s take a fast track course and make this valentine vibrant by having the right decoration and the right mood at the right time.

Romantic Lighting

Lighting is one of the key elements for a romantic valentine decoration. Change your everyday white light bulbs to pink for a soft romantic glow. You can also mix n match with candles and light bulbs placed at the right places. When working on candles don’t forget the floating and scented candles. Keep the lighting to the minimum so that there is an element of mystery and romance working parallel. Creating a fireplace valentine decoration is also a good way to snuggle close to each other and make the most out of the Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Decoration Pieces

Valentine decorations require placing the various small items strategically to make even the simplest of valentine arrangement stand out. Go for the traditional angels, cherubs and cupids and place them around the house. Valentine decorations don’t mean changing each and every thing around the house. Play around with the everyday items of the house. Like you can change the pillow covers to something in romantic shades of pink and reds. Have a satin bedspread to create sensuality.

Valentine Flower Decorations

Flowers are one of the most romantic expressions of love. And yes when we talk about flowers it is not only about selecting a bouquet from the florist and presenting it to your sweetheart. While roses are the traditional Valentine’s Day flowers one can always select from the other romantic flowers like tulips in white, red, and pink. One can also select carnations to brighten up the room. The flowers will definitely make your valentine decorations more lively and colorful. If the high prices of fresh flowers dig a hole in your pocket then one can also go for the paper or silk flowers. They are especially useful for different decorations. Also don’t forget to scatter rose petals on the bed or along with valentine table decorations. They are inexpensively available and make any corner look attractive and sensual.

Sweet Valentine Decorations

Chocolates and candies are not only for munching. On Valentine’s Day chocolates and sweets also make attractive decorations. Go for the different types of candy dishes and heart shaped chocolates for a festive and romantic ambience. You can have these sweets as valentine center table decorations or even be placed at different places around the room. Keep some chocolates at the bedside tables as late night aphrodisiacs.

Valentine Decoration Ideas

Valentine decorations don’t stop at small items or sweets or flowers. There are various valentine decoration ideas to take care of those overlooked corners, stair rails, mirrors etc. Use colorful ribbons in red, pink and white to express the romantic holiday feel.

Cupids, angels and decorative hearts can also be placed around the house to give a cozy look. If you don’t want to go the traditional way then you can also go for gold and silver to add the sparkling effect. So make this Valentine special and go for the colorful and vibrant Valentine’s Day.

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