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   Lovecarnival > Valentine > Hugs n Kisses > How to Kiss

How to Kiss

How to kiss? A burning question that seals itself with the gentle caressing of the lips. Kissing is one of the profoundest of romantic expressions that can make or break a relationship in a second. Adding spice, romance and passion to the love lives, it locks the lovers in a moment of complete heavenly bliss.

So to keep the flames of love burning one must know how to kiss. To master the art of kissing the lovers have to time themselves correctly. Making the right move at the right time is the key to this magical union.

Here are some ideas and tips to help you experience the perfect kiss. There are different types of kisses and to be a romantic kisser one has to know about each of them. So read along and find out the how to kiss and make your love life sizzling with romance forever.

All Over Kiss

As the name goes, it is not about concentrating on one part of the body but on your beloved as a whole. So start kissing gently on your partnerís forehead, then slowly move down to the eyelids, and feeling the soft warmth of your breath slowly go further down to the nose and then tenderly giving the best kiss on the lips.

Angel Kiss

If how to kiss gently is your question then angel kiss is the answer. This type of kiss is with a touch of gentleness as you slowly kiss your partnerís lips or eyelids. This kiss signifies a sweet, warm and assuring feeling to your sweetheart.

French Kiss

French kiss are the most popular type of kiss. This kissing tip involves having your tongue in and out of your belovedís mouth, tenderly touching his or her tongue as you go along. Also see French Kiss

Good Morning Kiss

A perfect way to start the day indeed. The tip on how to kiss good morning is very simple. Just before your partner wakes up, gently kiss on the cheek and forehead and as you get your partnerís attention move slowly to the lips and wish her or him a Good Morning!

Massaging Kisses

A bit of massaging and a bit of relaxation is all that is required to master this kissing idea. Make your partner lie on their stomach. Sit comfortably over the lower back and give your sweetheart a nice massage. As your partner starts relaxing start kissing from the neck and lick your way all the way down. This will create lot of excitement and fun and is perfect for a romantic evening.

Tempting Kiss

How to kiss your partner so that you drive him or her wild? For this kissing tip, passionately look in the eyes of your partner and seduce him with suggestive gestures. Touch the lips of your partner and as you do so, slowly close your lips and then open them again. Play the naughty game as your partner tries to come close you move away. And then immediately go towards him and seal his lips with a passionate kiss.

So that was real interesting right? So try out these different types of kisses and master the art of kissing. How to kiss right is an art and itís exactly what is required to keep the flame of love burning!