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Kiss a Girl

Moments of romance and intimacy with a perfect evening…lots of possibility on the horizon. Valentine’s Day is one day when everything romantic takes on a whole new meaning and every possibility to make the day nothing less than perfect is what every couple looks forward to.

And kissing is an important aspect of this cupid’s magical Valentine’s Day. Well men and women react differently to kisses. You don’t want to be stated as an over eager and a guy interested only in the physical part of the relationship. And we all know kissing is more than a simple physical act. It has many emotions flowing in together.

So when you decide to kiss a girl on this Valentine’s Day let’s make it the best kiss of her life. If you kiss a girl lousily, then you are definitely going to be a failure at creating good chemistry between you and your date.

To start with, let’s remember when we talk about kissing, it is not limited to lips only. Here are the nine most sensual zones to kiss a girl. So pucker those lips and get going!

Kiss a Girl on The Ears

Ears are one of the safest and most sensual parts to kiss a girl on this Valentine. There are huge amount of nerve endings in and around the ears that make the ears extremely sensitive when kissed, licked and nibbled. So as you kiss a girl, explore her ears and gently kiss, lick and nibble both the outside of the ear and the occasional lick inside.

Kiss a Girl on The Lips

For most girls this is the number one sensual spot to kiss. You have heard from women that they don’t get kissed enough. So what are you waiting for? On this Valentine’s Day kiss her full on the lips and let her know you desire her and love her completely. Tease her with your mouth and tongue.

Kiss a Girl on The Neck

The neck is the third most sensual spot to kiss a girl. So if you are kissing her lips, you can slowly work your way down to the neck or the other way around. Simply kiss, lick and suck her neck. It will make her very aroused.

Kiss a Girl on The Back

You must be thinking what a place to kiss. The small of the back is especially rich in nerve endings and incredibly sensitive. So you can start by massaging the back and then as the mood sets in, make it into a night of passion.

Kiss a Girl on The Legs

Another unlikely place to think of is the inner thighs and the backs of the knees. Light kissing and licking in this spot can be highly erotic. So remember to take things slowly.

Kiss a Girl on The Buttocks

One of the most self-conscious areas of women. So no doubt they just love a bit of squeezing and fondling with a bit of kissing and licking to tip it off. Remember not to overdo it.

Kiss a Girl on The Feet

Must have watched it thousands of times in the movies . Kiss a girl on the feet and make her tickle all over. So go for light kissing or even passionately sucking them is highly sensual. One can also go for gently massaging them with their hands.

Kiss a Girl on The Hands And Arms

This is one more zone that is easily ignored. But believe it or not girls love to have their wrists kissed and nibbled by guys. One can also go the traditional way to gently kiss the hand and then suck the fingers.

So if you are feeling all nervous about kissing your sweetheart on the lips on the lips, then why not go for the other equally sensual places. Kiss a girl to express your love and admiration and share your deepest emotions. Happy Valentine!

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